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Everything you need to know About Avocado

An avocado is a fruit, which is botanically a large berry containing a single seed. The biggest number of avocados are green-skinned, though in some parts of the world you will be lucky to have black-skinned ones. Avocados have different shapes such as pear-shape, egg-shape and spherical shape. A fully-grown avocado ripens after harvesting.
Avocados have as much uses as its health benefits. Let us expound on how amazing avocados are from FKMUYA’s article below.


You Are What You Eat

Avocado keeps you young Avocado keeps you young

Many of us don’t realize how amazingly beneficial an avocado is! It is a source of useful vegetable oils and vitamins and a ripe one can be cooked as a salad making a delicious treat for your family.

This unique type of fruit is loaded with heart healthy fats. The largest percentage of that fat in an avocado is monounsaturated oleic acid, a “heart healthy” fatty acid.

The following are 12 amazing benefits and reasons to love avocado:

Avocado-protects eyesight Avocado-protects eyesight

  1. Avocado protects eyesight

It contains carotenoids that protect your eyesight and maintain your vision as long as possible. Eat an avocado daily to protect your eyes for years to come.

  1. They help reduce cholesterol

Avocado helps reduce the level of harmful cholesterol (LDL) because it contains multiple elements including folate and vitamin A that also help prevent the risk of heart disease.

Research has shown that…

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